Fully Rawsome is founded by Shantimaya.
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Shantimaya is a yoga and meditation teacher, a homeopath and a raw vegan author and chef.   

His original education is economics and later he specialized in auditing.
He was working as an auditor in the foreign ministry of his homeland country before he quit his job and decided to fully pursue his new spiritual path and went a journey of yoga, meditation and service.

For the next ten years (until 2014) he was a yogi monk and a social worker, traveling different countries, teaching yoga and meditation and trying to help people the best he can.

Due to his interest in health and his dedication for service he started his new education in natural health and homeopathy and got trained with CPH, The College of Practical Homeopathy from London.

His experience with raw food started when he was studying homeopathy and learned about its principle of vitality. According to the vitality principle a person feels healthy when his/her vital force is high, while the person feels unwell when the vital force goes down. To restore health in a patient the vital force needs to be supported and restored to higher level. The more vitality we have, the healthier we become. This information made him curious on how to use food for increasing his life force and that is how his raw food journey started.

With raw food he was feeling stronger, fitter, more enduring, calmer, clearer and sharper in his mind and he became healthier.

His cooking experience started when he was a child. Joining his parents in the kitchen while they prepared food was very warm and loving family time for him. Hanging around his parents in the kitchen, and being curious and interested in food, taught him much about cooking. As a child he was permitted by his mother to make a full use of the kitchen one day a week as long as he promised to keep it clean and tidy. As a child, those times having the kitchen all to himself were adventurous and full of curiosity and enthusiasm. Whenever he was done with making food he shared it with his family and friends who he used to invite over so they could also enjoy it. That created a very social and warm atmosphere around cooking, and cooking became to him something very social. The way he grew up made cooking a way for sharing love and warmth with family and friends. His parents were very encouraging and supportive and they allowed him to discover and develop his cooking skills from an early age.

He kept carrying and developing these skills throughout his life and he managed to combine his passion for good taste with his interest in health.

Eating healthy food does not mean eating food that is boring, rather food should be well enjoyed and cherished by the body starting from the mouth, which in return can lead to better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

As he has been passionate about promoting health and sharing food with others, Shantimaya has been organizing public dinner events on a regular basis and he has been teaching cooking courses in different places in Malta, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

In 2010 his first cooking book ’’Kitchen of Love’’ was released.  It was inspired during health and diet seminars he gave in Malta when people were asking him how they could prepare meat-free food. He thought if that is the reason for not being able to eat sentient food then he should write all his recipes in one book and that is how ‘’Kitchen of Love’’ came into creation. The first edition of the book ran out and a second and improved edition will be released.

In 2012 he started Bliss Café, Stockholm’s first raw vegan café.  With its three rooms; Bliss is a raw vegan café, yoga and meditation center and a homeopathy and nutrition therapy clinic. It is his main base in Stockholm where he continues teaching about health, nutrition and diet and where he does catering and hold the cooking courses. Over the years that he has been running Bliss, he has kept on evolving his recipes and discovering new ways of preparing raw food.

In 2017 Shantimaya released his book Fully Rawsome, with 120 rawfood recipes.

After one year from releasing the book the new brand Fully Rawsome was created.

Today Fully Rawsome has become the brand for several hundred raw, vegan and organic certified products.

Fully Rawsome is reflecting the passion and lifestyle of its founder Shantimaya. It is continuing to grow and evolve over time.

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