Combining raw food with yoga and meditation, and following a program of detox and nutrition, over a residential weekend in a cozy and serene place by a river, and surrounded by nature, Shantimaya holds rawfood yoga detox retreats.

These retreats are recharging, cleansing and strengthening, where we will share a journey of health, growth and self-connection while freeing our bodies from loads of toxins that have been building up over time.

Toxins build up in the body on daily basis in the normal course of life through subjecting it to unhealthy food and drinks, chemicals, sedentary and hectic lifestyle, lack of exercise, and other different exposures to pollution, all of that which create pressure and stress on the internal detoxifying organs affecting their cleansing capacity and allowing toxins to accumulate. Increased level of toxicity causes many diseases.

Through this retreat we will follow a special program that is designed to activate and accelerate the detox process in a gentle and efficient way through fresh green smoothies, herbal teas and raw food, opening up the cleansing channels and drainage of the body.

Beside cleansing, you will also be nourishing your body with the healthiest and purest form of food, and you will also learn much about diet and nutrition that can meet your physical needs and enhance your mental development.

The program, with its content, will give you an inspiration and knowledge on how to lead a healthy life and ensure your physical, mental and spiritual growth.

  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Seminars on health, diet, nutrition and detox
  • Fresh smoothies, superfoods and tonics
  • Raw vegan (un)cooking courses with rich menu
  • Nature walks
  • Conscious movies
  • Accommodation.

By the end of the retreat you will feel reborn into a healthier, cleaner, lighter and stronger body and mind and you will feel more sentient and blossomed into your inner potentials and infinite self.

Retreats Schedule:

2019 April 19-21    click here to book
2019 May 31-June 2   click here to book
2019 July 5-7   click here to book
2019 September 27-29   click here to book

If you have other inquiries feel free to send an email to

Warm welcome ♥

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