Rawfood Yoga Retreat

Welcome to rawfood yoga retreat, a three days residential retreat, where you will experience the raw food lifestyle and enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh food, and where you will learn how to prepare many raw food dishes by yourself, including cheese, yoghurt, butter, bread, sauces, desserts, chocolate and more.

This retreat is all about taking care of yourself through nutrition and yoga. It will introduce you to the raw food diet, and it will show you how to prepare healthy and delicious food for all the different meals throughout the day and throughout the week. It will also introduce to gentle and effective yoga positions and stretches that can easily be integrated with your everyday, and help you to take better care of your body and self.

Rawfood yoga retreatThere will be many different workshops during the retreat.

Content of the retreat:

Nutrition: You will learn ow to use raw food diet, vitamins and minerals to boost your health.

Meal planning: You will learn how to plan your meals ahead so that you can spend minimum time in the kitchen on your busy days.

– Sprouting workshop: You will learn how to sprout seeds, beans and grains to obtain maximum nutrition and how to use them in creating many dishes.

Butter workshop: You will learn how to make your own raw vegan butter free from trans fat and rich in omega 3 essential fat.

– Milk workshop: You will learn how to make your own plant based milk.

– Yoghurt workshop: You will learn how to ferment and make your own plant based yoghurt.

– Cheese workshop: Raw vegan cheese fermentation and aging workshop.

– Sauces workshop: You will learn how to create many different sauces, dips and spread that can be added to any dish, enriching their taste and making them more special.

– Salads workshop: You will receive many ideas and recipes to spice up your greens and make them more enjoyable.

– Main dishes workshop: You will learn how to prepare more sophisticated raw food dishes but yet with simple recipes.

– Granola & chia pudding workshop: You will learn how to make your own raw granola and nourishing chia puddings.

– Crackers & bread workshop: You will learn how to prepare gluten free crackers and bread in raw form.

– Pastry workshop: You will learn how to make basic raw dough that can be used for making pastry whether for gourmet use ( like pies, pirogues, pizza, etc) or for desserts (like cinnamon rolls, cookies, semla, etc)

– Smoothie workshop: Different ways and ideas to make your own smoothie either as a meal replacement or as an addition to your food or for detox.

– Desserts workshop: You will learn how to make healthy sugar-free and gluten free raw vegan desserts in the form of pie, boll, bar, pudding and ice cream and even pastry like cinnamon rolls.

Chocolate workshop: You will learn how to make your own chocolate as healthy as you wish and as many flavors as you could imagine.

Rawfood yoga retreat – Yoga and meditation: Twice a day; gentle, easy and effective positions and stretches that help you to release stress from your body, become more flexible and uplift your mood.
– Free time: Possible and spontaneous open air activities such as badminton, kayaking, bathing in the stream, nature walk, etc.

Certificate of attendance will be received at the end of the retreat.

All workshops are guided by Shantimaya; founder of Bliss Cafe; Stockholm’s first raw vegan cafe, yoga and meditation teacher and author to the books: Fully Rawsome and Kitchen of Love.

Friday – Sunday 29 September – 1 October 2023.
Arrival Friday between 16.00 and 17.00.
Departure Sunday between 15.00 and 16.00.

Rawfood yoga retreat

Tögel Art Retreat Center in Häverödal, a serene place on the side of one small river in beautiful nature. (For transportation you can take a direct bus from Stockholm using SL card). To see map and direction click here

3900 kr, all included (accommodation, food, workshop fees and certificate)
Click here to buy your ticket (You will be directed to Bliss Cafe website)


To learn about what to bring and how to prepare and other things you need to know before joining the rawfood yoga retreat click here

Rawfood Yoga Retreat Schedule: (Subject to change)

16.00-17.00   Arrival and settling in
17.00-17.30   Opening circle
17.30-18.30   Sauces workshop
18.30-20.00   Salads & main dishes workshop 1
20.00-20.30   Desserts workshop 1
20.30-22.00   Conscious movie night
22.30              Good night silence

07.15-08.15   Yoga & meditation
08.30-09.00   Smoothie workshop 1
09.00-10.00   Granola & Chia pudding workshop
10.00-11.15   Free time
11.15-12.15   Sprouting workshop (Sprouting & sprout dishes)
12.15-13.30   Crackers & bread workshop
13.30-15.30   Free time (nature time, reading, rest, etc)
15.30-16.30   Yoga & meditation
17.00-18.00   Butter, milk, yoghurt & cheese workshops
18.00-20.00   Salads & main dishes workshop 2
20.00-20.30   Desserts workshop 2
20.30-22.00   Badtunna
22.30             Good night silence

07.15-08.15   Yoga & meditation
08.30-09.00   Smoothie workshop 2
09.00-10.00   Pastry workshop
10.00-11.00   Free time (shower, reading, nature walk and packing)
11.00-12.00   Chocolate workshop
12.00-13.30   Salads & main dishes workshop 3
13.30-14.00   Cleaning and preparing for departure
14.00-15.00   Closing circle and certificate distribution
15.00-16.00   Departure.