Fully Rawsome provides a rich raw vegan menu from which you can choose different dishes for your event.
Whether you are looking for a finger food menu or a whole meal menu, below you will find all the inspiration you need.

Menu and pricing:
Prices are based on that you pick up the food at the cafe in Skanstull Stockholm. For bringing and serving the food at your event additional cost might apply.

For a whole meal menu: (See menu below)
We recommend that you choose four different items from the whole meal menu.
Price (includes four items and Hummus): 110 kr per person

For a finger food menu: (See menu below)
You can choose any item from the finger food menu.
Price: 25 kr per item.

Desserts: (See menu below)
Raw ball: 25 kr per piece
Raw torta: 45 kr per piece
Whole torta: 490 kr per torta (can serve up to 20 persons)

Click here to tell us about your event, we can even help you setting up your menu.


Whole Meal Menu


Finger Food Menu


Dessert Menu


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