Rawfood Vegan Book

Fully Rawsome Book; 120 raw vegan recipe book by Shantimaya

Raw food provides the body with ultimate nutrition as vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not destroyed by the heat of cooking. The richness and fresh-ness of raw food also enhances our own life force. Goodness and taste as revealed through this book are presented by a unique selection of recipes that are as simple as they are rewarding. Healthy food made to be delicious is what this book intends to share. Whether you are on a raw vegan diet or just looking for healthy recipes this book provides you with inspiration and makes food preparation more fun and easy.

With his highly refined sense of combining spices, herbs and flavours and with his curiosity and imagination Shantimaya creates dishes that take us on a journey of taste and sensation. His recipes are known to have layers of taste, with one layer getting released after the other. Starting cooking from an early age gave him a profound experience and confidence in continuously inventing new flavours. His friends call him a food wizard, due to his fascinating and inspiring creations.

This book is the product of his passion for food and health and for sharing his inspiration with others. A project that has started more than two years ago and is completed today.

Fully Rawsome Rawfood Vegan Book
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Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Bliss Cafe Publications (Stockholm, June 2017)
Language: English
ISBN: 9789198385908
Book Dimensions: 23 X 2 X 22 cm
Book Weight: 1.055 kg
Price: 240 SEK/ 24 EUR

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